With the introduction of Orion Platform, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) has ushered a new era of trading ecosystem with lightning speed in Hong Kong.

Is Hong Kong market going to follow similar track as in our counterparts?
To catch up with the launch of Orion in 2013, we are working on end-2-end turnkey solutions for the clients who are striving for a custom-designed, highly-optimized and latency-sensitive financial applications. 


We are a team of seasoned developers from top-notched technology firms and research institutes in Hong Kong with a wide spectrum of research and development skill and experience.

With years of research and development in high-speed data processing and analysis, we have been focusing on low-latency financial applications. We have come up with the FD Engine, a Hybrid Computing technology, transforming the essential components of security trading (market data, trading strategies and trading engine) into a single but modular service platform, targeting at specific requirements of professional market players.


The technology of FD Engine is in fact an application of Hybrid Computing, serving to:

-  Address the issues for latency-sensitive applications

-  Highly configurable resources management (CPU, Memory...)

-  FlashOptimizer: Software / hardware optimization

-  Highly malleable modular design to fit different application scenario

o  Responsive to changing technology environment

o  Adaptive to different financial applications

o  Short time-to-deployment

o  Competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and options of SaaS. 


We are currently serving the following financial applications.

-       Broker Supplied Systems (BSS)
-       Orion Market Data Decoders, Handlers and Optimizers
-       Market Data Analytic Tools
For further details, please feel free to contact us (info@fdfix.com).

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